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Hi I'm Melleny! I live in the South West of England and I'm an illustrator, specialising in Childrens Book illustration.
I studied at Wolverhampton University, gaining a First Class Honours degree in Illustration. I have over 18 years experience as a classroom art and design teacher in secondary school education, sharing my passion to explore a range of materials and techniques with my students.
I enjoy working with a variety of mixed media from pencil crayons to inks and from watercolours to sticks from the garden! In recent times, I find myself working digitally most of the time. 

As an illustrator, I love drawing people - especially quick sketches in my sketchbook, creating characters and combining a vibrant colour pallette with whimsical elements.

In my spare time I love family walks, especially by the sea; always with a sketchbook and pen at hand. I am also passionate about community and lead the local branch of the Christian Creative Network (a national organisation), helping to equip, encourage and connect.

Melleny Taylor -  Illustrator


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